A Ku Indeed!

Oh…Death Again, Huh?

Posted in Existentialism by Chris on September 2, 2007

A typical “existentialist” cartoon…


Of course, the frame ends with what people think Existentialism ends with — the belief that if we are going to die, there’s no meaning to life. Although the cartoon is funny (darkly), this isn’t what Existentialists would say. Actually, the second frame would be written slightly differently, with Calvin asking, “If we’re just going to die, what’s the point of living without passion?” In the third frame both Calvin and Hobbes would be off on their own ways, trying to figure out what course in life would best define who they were as individuals and determined not to act in certain ways because that’s what “one does”. For the existentialist, death is self-liberation from the banality of “the They” or “the crowd.”


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