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Henry Rosemont’s Drury Talks

Posted in Chinese Philosophy, Course Announcements by Chris on September 23, 2007

To all of my students:

Please do not forget that this week Dr. Henry Rosemont is visiting our campus to give a convocation talk and to visit with students and faculty for an informal discussion of all things Chinese (China, Confucianism, etc). My wife and I worked hard to get Dr. Rosemont here, so take advantage of it — he’s a leading scholar in the field, and it’s a real privilege to have him come and visit. Here are the two events, again:

A. Convocation Lecture: “Domestic and World Poverty: A Confucian Meditation” will take place on Tuesday, September 25th, at 5pm in Clara Thompson Hall (a bit different from the traditional Convo hour).

B. Student/Scholar Exchange: At this event, four Drury professors (Hue-ping Chin, Chris Panza, Rebecca Denton, and Erin Kenny) will facilitate an open discussion on key issues related to China (e.g., human rights, geopolitics, family and kinship, and the relevance of Confucianism in modernity), and participants will have an opportunity to ask their own questions.

Refreshments will be served at the student/scholar exchange (pizza!), and Dr. Rosemont is happy to stay afterwards for a while to sign books you may have that he’s written (the translation of the Analects we are using in Values, specifically!).

Click Here for more on Dr. Rosemont’s Lecture

Hope and Action Convocation Series


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