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Meeting Peter Buck

Posted in Uncategorized by Chris on October 10, 2007

So last night, as some of you know, my wife and I had Peter Buck (the guitarist from R.E.M) over our house. He’s been dating a good friend of Christie’s for a few years now, and they were driving cross country and scheduled a stop by dinner at our house. I’ll admit it — I expected him to be an a diva (if you remember the British Airways situation years ago you know what I mean). I mean hell — the guy is a multi-multi millionaire, is in the Rock and Roll hall of fame, and spends much of his time with 50,000 people holding up lit lighters to him. But I was totally wrong.

The guy was entirely gracious, friendly, non-divaesque, and conversational. He mentioned being in the band, but always humbly, noting that he was just a guy out to play music and who got lucky and hit it big. He seemed more thankful about his success than arrogant about it. In any case, we had a great time drinking wine and talking about religion, the civil war, the age of iTunes and why he dislikes Stanley Kubrick (which we had a bit of a disagreement about) among other things. The guy is remarkably smart and incredibly well read — a big Pynchon fan as well as a fan of Flannery O’Connor (interesting mix).

One cute thing did happen — Parker (my daughter) insisted on a hug from Buck before she went to bed. She has a ritual where everyone in the house has to go into her room and hug her in her crib and then she’ll sleep. She said “Peter turn” and he was happy to go in and give her a hug so she’d go to bed.

All in all, a very cool guy. My wife gets to hang out more with them today for breakfast, and I’m stuck going in to work!


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    […] stopped by our house for dinner and drinks on their way driving across country (I made a post on it here). In any event, Buck has hooked us up with sweet tickets, backstage passes, the whole shebang. Not […]

  2. […] Christie and I will be out of town for a few days — we’re heading to Chicago to see R.E.M. in concert. If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you might remember that a good friend of Christie’s has been dating Peter Buck (R.E.M.’s guitarist) seriously for three or four years. In fact, we got the chance to meet and hang out with Buck last October, when the two of them stopped by our house for dinner and drinks on their way driving across country (I made a post on it here). […]

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