A Ku Indeed!

Blogging Slowdown

Posted in Miscellaneous by Chris on October 28, 2007

Hey Everyone,

If you’ve been reading along with any consistency, you’ll notice the power-down in the last two weeks. Sorry about that! I’m basically in the midst of being ‘superwhelmed’ (not a word, but overwhelmed doesn’t seem to quite capture the situation). Greg and I finally got our book contract (a book on Existentialism) and we’re under a lot of pretty intense deadlines. On top of that, I’m giving a conference talk later this week (with my wife, on establishing empirical proof for differences in perspective taking strategies between Eastern-Confucians and Westerners). Of course, I’ve also got my usual teaching duties and grading to do, and I’m up for tenure this year, so there’s the portfolio, letters to type out for it, and so on. Oh boy. Time to get back to work!

I’ll likely be back to regular blogging in a week or so.


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