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Van Halen

Posted in Uncategorized by Chris on October 28, 2007

medium_van_halen_logo.jpgSo I went to see Van Halen up at the new Sprint Center in Kansas City with Greg Renoff on Friday night. It was a good time, but it was weird. I’m watching this band play and I keep saying to myself, “goddamn, last time I saw this band in concert was 1984.” Yeah, like twenty three years ago. It’s hard to come to grips with getting older at times like this. I don’t feel like I’m old enough to have seen a band twenty three years ago. But it’s true. Saw them in Madison Square Garden (or the Meadowlands, I can’t remember), in New York City in 1984.

In any case, they were good and they were bad. Eddie massacred some of the songs — especially “Everybody Wants Some” and “Eruption” (which was a shame). They also trampled all over “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout’ Love” and “Jump”. At times Eddie seemed to be on another planet. Knowing his history, he was likely drunk. Still, other tunes they really did well — like “And the Cradle will Rock.”

Glad to have went! Rock on!

If there are any VH fans out there, here’s the set list they played:

You Really Got Me
02. I’m the One
03. Runnin’ With the Devil
04. Romeo Delight
05. Somebody Get Me a Doctor
06. Beautiful Girls
07. Dance the Night Away
08. Atomic Punk
09. Everybody Wants Some
10. So This Is Love?
11. Mean Street
12. Pretty Woman
13. Drum Solo
14. Unchained
15. I’ll Wait
16. And the Cradle Will Rock
17. Hot for Teacher
18. Little Dreamer
19. Little Guitars
20. Jamie’s Cryin’
21. Ice Cream Man
22. Panama
23. Guitar Solo (incl. “Women in Love” intro, “Cathedral”, “Eruption”)
24. Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love

(and then for Encores)
25. 1984
26. Jump


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  1. Million said, on October 30, 2007 at 4:48 am

    What?! They diden’t play Right Now?!?!

    I think it’s because I’m younger, but I can’t think of Van Halen without that song and the mid-90’s Chicago Bulls.

  2. Swad said, on October 30, 2007 at 4:51 am

    That’s too bad about Jump. One of the classics.

    BTW, I was born the year after you saw them the first time. Just in case you didn’t feel old already. 🙂

  3. Chris said, on October 30, 2007 at 12:49 pm


    Actually, the “deal” behind the reunion was that they not play any of the music post-1984 (since that’s when Roth got booted from the band). Thank God! After 1984, they weren’t Van Halen anymore in my opinion, they were “Van Hagar”. Bleech.


    Yup, I am old. I think there was a lot of Geritol going around the Sprint Center that night.

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