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Alleviating Job Misery

Posted in Existentialism, Life by Chris on January 10, 2008

I noticed today on Yahoo! that there was a short piece on coping with having a miserable job. Of course, it contains the standard stuff in response. But what people really need to do is be proactive. Don’t pursue a career in an area that is meaningless to you. Too many people run into fields because that’s what “one does” or that’s what “people with sense do.” Maybe, but they’re also the ones who wind up reading how to be less miserable on Yahoo!.

Some Confucian advice: don’t treat yourself like a tool (a ku!). Take your life seriously. Do something that excites you. Something that you wake up wanting to do. If it doesn’t pay a million bucks, who cares. It’s more important that 9 hours of your day is devoted to living as opposed to “doing a job.” Stop doing what “one does” and try to be yourself.

Simple advice, but almost never heeded.


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