A Ku Indeed!

The East Speaks…

Posted in China, Chinese Philosophy, Course Material, Life by Chris on March 14, 2008

A colleague of mine sent me an e-mail yesterday drawing my attention to this very cool set of comic books dealing with Eastern philosophy, written by Chih-Chung Ts’ai. I had hoped to find something like this because eventually when my daughter is old enough, I’d like to expose her to a variety of spiritual/philosophical traditions, and let’s face it, eastern thought is not particularly easy. Especially for a young kid.

Here are some of the book covers for Ts’ai’s books. Apparently he’s done one for almost every (or maybe every?) eastern philosophy/thinker. I’ve already ordered the “Zhuangzi Speaks” and “Confucius Speaks” books.

Has anyone had seen these books before or perhaps own some? Are they any good?




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