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Posted in Pedagogy by Chris on March 21, 2008

One of my graduated advisees is presently in the middle of waiting for responses to all of his applications for entry into Ph.D. programs for philosophy. He recently brought my attention to a “Grad School Admissions Wiki” that helps students (in all fields) to learn when others have been admitted to certain schools (or rejected, or wait-listed).  The Grad School Wiki basically tries to get hopeful applicants information faster than they typically tend to get it from the schools themselves (by compiling information submitted from applicants themselves). It also seems to function as a support system, and also has forums dealing with many questions regarding the whole process. Go below the fold for more information on it.

The address for the forum is here:


Once there, click on “results/search”. Then when the page comes up, type in “(whatever field you are interested in)” into the search box. That will narrow the results only to students reporting on admissions/rejections to the information on current graduate admissions for that field. You can also narrow it by field and school. 

It seems pretty useful, but I’m curious whether others have had more experience with it. Any drawbacks about this resource that anyone knows about?

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  1. Swadley said, on March 22, 2008 at 8:44 pm

    Thanks for the link. Looks promising.

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