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Tests and Midterm Grades

Posted in Course Announcements by Chris on March 30, 2008

For all of my classes, please see the announcements below the fold regarding midterms and tests/papers.


1. Your U4 tests are up.

One common error — many people violated their sub-diagrams in constructing the final diagram! Never do that!

2. Midterm Grades: I will use your U1 – U3 grades to determine this and if your U4 test is higher than the avg of U1 – U3, I’ll include it. If not, I won’t.


Your midterm grades are based on an eyeballing (which means I am not figuring it out by the actual percentages) of your grades from (a) your paper, (b) quizzes, (c) web, and (d) participation.  Because I am not using the actual percentages alloted to each, they are not 100% accurate, but still very representative.

Confucian Virtue

Midterm grades dependent upon (a) analect book projects, (b) participation, (c) online quizzes. Because so much of the grade for this course comes from the paper and final, these are not particularly representative of “midterm” grades. So take them for what they are — simply an indication of how you’re doing so far.

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