A Ku Indeed!


Posted in Logic by Chris on April 27, 2008

Logic tests for U5 and U6, to the right!


Cute Kid Moment

Posted in Parker by Chris on April 25, 2008

Kids say the darndest things. My wife asked my daughter (she’s three) to make a funny face (she screws up her eyes and moves her eyebrows up and down). She said she couldn’t do it, because her face needed batteries. So she suggested to my wife that they go to the store and buy some new ones so she could make funny faces again.

Too funny. Maybe you have to be a parent to appreciate this odd moments.

Jenna Bush Undecided about 2008

Posted in Politics by Chris on April 24, 2008

According to this CNN story, Jenna Bush just can’t make up her mind who to vote for. She’s open to all the candidates, democrat and republican. Somehow I doubt that. But even if that were true. do republican voters actually care what Jenna Bush thinks?

Wesley Snipes and Corrective Punishment

Posted in Chinese Philosophy, Ethics, Values Analysis by Chris on April 24, 2008

I came across this on CNN this morning, and it reminded me of something my ethics class read and discussed not to long ago. What we looked at was the difference between Deontology and Consequentialism on punishment; generally speaking, the division is between retributive punishment (deontological) and corrective (consequentialist).


Excuse My Absence

Posted in Life by Chris on April 24, 2008

To those (few) of you who regularly check in here for posts and discussion, my apologies for the absence lately. I had two weeks of back to back travel recently, and with the copy-editing for the book project and the end of the semester, I’ve been just too busy to keep up regularly with the blog. However, all of this work is soon to be over and I’ll be back to regular posting.

As soon as the semester ends, I plan to ramp up preparatory work for the NEH seminar this summer, so expect many post on Confucianism come mid-May.

Between now and then, probably nothing more than a small post here and there.

Logic Grades

Posted in Logic by Chris on April 22, 2008

Latest U5 exams are up! Sorry for the delay. — CP

Logic Grades

Posted in Logic by Chris on April 14, 2008

The U5 exams are up! Once again, sorry for the delay due to being out of town (again)! — CP

Logic Grades

Posted in Logic by Chris on April 7, 2008

Everyone — the U4 and U5 grades are up. Thanks for your understanding in getting these grades back late, given that I was away at the conference. Go to the right, normal place, “week 10.” — CP

Sunday Comic

Posted in China, Sunday Comics by Chris on April 5, 2008

Ah, Living the Vita Academia

Posted in Academia by Chris on April 3, 2008

I’m out of town for a few days in Cincinnati attending a conference, China in a Global Context (sponsored and run by the University of Hawaii’s East-West Center). Academia doesn’t pay much, but this is one of the great perks. You get funded to fly around to different places to listen to great speakers and engage in cool conversations with folks on topics close to your scholarly interests (or, of course, give papers of your own). Living the vita academia.

Update #2: Conference over! Great talks, all of them. Lots of food for further thought. Roger Ames’ talk was entirely on Confucianism, of course; he argued for his (and Rosemont’s) suggestion that Confucianism is a “role ethic”. Some of you know I’ve written to both him and Rosemont on this, arguing against their attempt to make role ethics a fourth independent theory (alongside the traditional Western three). In all fairness, his talk today wasn’t technical, and so wasn’t specifically trying to argue for that thesis, but still, after hearing him, I find the “no virtue” argument unpersuasive. But that’s a whole different post.

Confucianism and Virtue Ethics

Posted in Chinese Philosophy by Chris on April 1, 2008

I heard back today about my application to join the NEH seminar this summer at Wesleyan University (in Connecticut) on “Confucianism and Contemporary Virtue Ethics” — it was accepted, so I’ll be spending six weeks housed with 14 other people who eat, sleep and drink this subject just like I do. Call me a dork, but that’s what I call fun. (I’m also looking forward to getting a chance to head down to NYC, since it’s my hometown and I miss it dearly living out here in the Midwest).

Chelsea Clinton and “The Question”

Posted in Politics by Chris on April 1, 2008

I’ve been following this story for a bit now about people asking Chelsea about her father’s affair with Monica Lewinsky, and if it impacts her mother’s ability to be President. Chelsea reacted indignantly in response, telling the questioners that it was none of their business. Was she right? I’m of two minds on this issue.