A Ku Indeed!


The “currently…” page is a good idea that I have stolen without shame from Adam at Without Reason, an idea which he informs me he shamelessly stole from someone else.

What I’m Currently Doing:

  • Getting ready to go to China for the Spring semester and as a result I am drowning in details, details, details.

What I’m Currently Reading

  • The Bhagavad Gita
  • Daniel Bell’s East Meets West

What I’m Currently Researching:

  • Lots of research projects on the fire, but at the exact moment I’m not writing anything, just reading and preparing (articles scheduled for next year’s sabbatical).

What I’m Doing in Non-Research Areas:

  • Playing Chess on Facebook — doing better than before.

Travel Plans:

  • I’ll be teaching at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China for the Spring 2009 semester (family coming too). That explains the desire to learn Mandarin (though my research is in Confucianism, so I have other reasons too).
  • Just signed up for the Summer 2010 Volos Greece teaching assignment. Six weeks in Greece!

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  1. Andres Campero said, on March 25, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Hey chris!!!

    I wanted to contact you and couldnt find a better place. I am a mexican student of economics and political sciences, but i love philosophy!!! i am currently student for one semester in tsinghua.
    I just read Confucius: Secular and sacred, by fingarette. I loved it. And found you today through the reading group you were supposed to create(i dont know if you did create it, i couldnt find it) about it about 2 years ago, i was looking to see some comments on the book.
    First of all i would liket o know if you are in beijing so that maybe we could meet. Second i would like to see what you think of some thoughts i have.

    By the way i was an ignorant of this whole blog world full of papers of philosophy, and discussions and conections, its great…!!!
    Thanks, and hope you answer, Andres

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