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Blog Love

Posted in Bell Reading Group, Blog Love by Chris on January 5, 2009

Happily, quite a few threads have emerged in the local blogosphere as a result of the “reading group” Peony and I started on Bell’s East Meets West. Below the fold I have listed them all, starting with the most recent. Show the love!



Blog Love

Posted in Blog Love by Chris on December 30, 2008

I’m just now finishing up my holiday visits and hosting responsibilities, so I’m starting to get caught up here at the blog. Holidays are exhausting! While I play catch up, I’d like to direct folks to a few conversations going on that are linked to our East Meets West reading group. Over at The Useless Tree, Sam takes issue with components of the “particularist” line I suggest Bell is following in the book, and Peony at Tang Dynasty Times continues the discussion (which has heated up a bit) about rights with a thread here. Show the love, use that mouse clicking finger.

Blog Love

Posted in Blog Love by Chris on December 18, 2008

I’ve been trying to figure out a good title for a regularly made post that highlights good blog conversations going around around “teh internets.” I’ve settled on “Blog Love.” I’ll try to make a “Blog Love” post now and again (perhaps once a week) just to draw attention to some interesting conversations. For now: Alan at Frog in the Well discusses “Confucian Liberalism“, Alexus at Unpolished Jade discusses those rascally proto-Daoists in “Is Book 18 of the Analects a Mencian Addition?“. Use your mouse clicker, show the love.