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Tests and Midterm Grades

Posted in Course Announcements by Chris on March 30, 2008

For all of my classes, please see the announcements below the fold regarding midterms and tests/papers.


Logic Tests

Posted in Course Announcements, Logic by Chris on March 9, 2008

The U3 exams are graded and posted — to the right!

Logic Exams

Posted in Course Announcements, Logic by Chris on March 1, 2008

The grade spreadsheet is updated for 03/01. The last U2 exams and some U3s are now up. Go to the right, in tests, and click on “week five”.

Logic Exams

Posted in Course Announcements, Logic by Chris on February 15, 2008

Updated week three exams (as of 2/15): see the links to the right.

Logic Exams

Posted in Course Announcements by Chris on February 9, 2008

The grades are up for this week’s exams. Go to the right under “Logic” and “Test Scores” to download the PDF file. If you have any problems with the file, or can’t find your exam grade, email me or put a comment here on this post.

Final Review Questions

Posted in Course Announcements by Chris on December 5, 2007

The final review questions are to the right (click into the right course) for all of my courses now — Values Analysis, Classic Problems and Modern Philosophy.

Download them at your leisure!

Henry Rosemont’s Drury Talks

Posted in Chinese Philosophy, Course Announcements by Chris on September 23, 2007

To all of my students:

Please do not forget that this week Dr. Henry Rosemont is visiting our campus to give a convocation talk and to visit with students and faculty for an informal discussion of all things Chinese (China, Confucianism, etc). My wife and I worked hard to get Dr. Rosemont here, so take advantage of it — he’s a leading scholar in the field, and it’s a real privilege to have him come and visit. Here are the two events, again:



Posted in Course Announcements by Chris on September 13, 2007

For Values Analysis students: the handout I mentioned today in class is now up on the web — just click on the right under “Values” the link that says “Handouts” and then download “Three Concepts in Ethics” (#21 down on the list). See you on Friday — enjoy the weather!

By the way, we had a decent turnout for the review, and I hope it was helpful to those of you who came. I’ll announce some more opportunities for extra review sometime next week.

Welcome Back!

Posted in Course Announcements by Chris on August 18, 2007

Hi Folks,


Welcome back for the start of Fall 2007! Hopefully you all had a great summer, and are ready to get started on a new semester and year (I know, everyone could use a little more summer). This post explains the function of this blog and how it is integrated into my classes.

1. This blog is a sort of “nexus” for all of my online material. What you’ll find here are all of the written materials that I use for my courses, so if you need the syllabus, handouts, assignments (papers, quizzes, etc), exam questions, and so on, you’ll find it all here. Just look up and click on the class you are in (or to the right). That will bring you to the appropriate “sub menu” that will then tell you what to click into for the specific thing you’re looking to find.

2. A place for me to make occasional blog-post observations. Occasionally I’ll put up a blog post on some subject on ethics or teaching. If you are in Values Analysis, and you’d like some extra credit for participation, feel free to make a comment on that blog post.

3. There’s a link to the forum board on the right side, so you can come here to click to the forum or just input the address to get there (http://panza.freeminds.net).

See you in class,