A Ku Indeed!

Self and Free Will

Course Materials

Below you will find the various course materials for this class, from the syllabus, the review sheets and handouts, exam question reviews to paper topics. If there’s anything here that you were looking for, but can’t find, just let me know.

I. Syllabus

1. Free Will Syllabus

II. Review Sheets

Disclaimer: a few of these reviews are not mine; many years ago I used the reviews of other professors on the web, and have since lost the references. Many are mine, but a small handful are not.

1. Aristotle and the Sea Battle

2. Chisholm on the Self

3. Tim O’Connor on Agent-Causation

4. Carl Ginet on Reasons and Causes

5. D’Holbach on Deterministic Minds

6. Kane on Event Causation

7. Dennett on Giving Libertarians What They Want

8. Van Inwagen’s Consequence Argument

III. Quizzes

1. Quiz 1 (due Sept 5)

2. Quiz 2 (due Sept 12)

3. Quiz 3 (due Sept 19)

4. Quiz 4 (due Sept 26)

IV. Readings

1. Dennett, Daniel, “Thinking About Determinism”

2. D’Holbach against Free Will

3. Van Inwagen, “Incompatibility of Free Will and Determinism”

4. Aristotle, “The Sea Battle,” from De Interpretatione, 9

V. Exam Review

1. Final Review Questions

IV. Paper Topics

Paper One: The Case for Libertarianism

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