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Posted in Bell Reading Group, Blog Love by Chris on January 5, 2009

Happily, quite a few threads have emerged in the local blogosphere as a result of the “reading group” Peony and I started on Bell’s East Meets West. Below the fold I have listed them all, starting with the most recent. Show the love!

Divided by blog location, and then listed in terms of the most recent threads:

At Tang Dynasty Times (Peony’s Place):

Going Visiting with Daniel Bell (part 2)

Three Generations of Human Rights

East Meet West in Constantinople

At Useless Tree (Sam Crane’s Place):

The Particular and the Universal in Human Rights

At Frog in a Well (Alan Baumler’s Place):

I Like Sex Better than Bear Paws

At Shunya’s Notes (Shunya’s Place)

Pluralism, Relativism, Liberalism

At A Ku Indeed (My Place):

Bell VII: Mozi on Justification

Bell VI:Embrace Your Inner Elitist

Bell V: Mill vs Ayer

Bell IV: The Dead Have Rights Too

Bell III: Fear and Trembling at Tsinghua

Bell II: Sorry is the Hardest Word

Bell I: The Particular Whoops the Universal

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  1. Peony said, on January 5, 2009 at 8:03 pm

    The key word here being “local” blogosphere! If I were to vote for my favorite, my vote would go to your fear and termbling, by the way.

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